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Supporting the Success of Papua Special Autonomy Volume 2 | By Dwiki Aurora


Dwiki Aurora | Papuan Observer (04 Nopember 2021)

The Otsus volume 2, which was extended in 2021, was highly approved by all Papuans. They support the sustainability of the program because they already feel the benefits.

Papua is a region far from Jakarta, but that doesn’t mean it’s a remote and isolated place. The image of Papua as a place that is only a wilderness has been erased because of modernization there. Even Jayapura is considered as advanced as Los Angeles or other big cities in America, because the atmosphere is somewhat similar.

One of the things that drives Papua’s progress is special autonomy. This program, which started in 2001, is specifically aimed at the people of Earth of Cendrawasih, and the Papuan (and West Papuan) local governments receive funding to develop their territory. It’s no wonder that in 2021, when it was extended, the community supported Otsus because it was indeed beneficial for them.

Ondofolo (Chief of the Tribe) Yanto Ohee expressed his support for Otsus volume 2 and hoped that there would be no demonstrations against it. He made this statement along with other Papuan figures, such as Rev. Coto Mauri S.Th as a religious figure and Sam Kogoya as a community leader in the mountains of Central Papua.

“Otsus volume 2 in Papua is an excellent program for modernity on the Earth of Cendrawasih”

Community leaders support the extension of special autonomy because the Papuan people really need funds, both to support education, health, and community sector development. In addition, the figures also advised that the special autonomy funds should be used for the benefit of the people, and not to be corrupted by unscrupulous officials.

Yanto Ohee and other Papuan community leaders also hope that the situation on Earth of Cendrawasih will always be peaceful. There should be no demo against Otsus volume 2, because this program is very useful. In a sense, it is possible that the protesters were only provoked by unscrupulous persons and then demonstrated against Otsus even though they did not know what the benefits were.

Volume 2 of Otsus is indeed predicted to be more successful than volume 1, because far more funds have been disbursed. If 20 years ago the money was ‘only’ billions of rupiah, then in 2021 this special autonomy fund will reach trillions of rupiah. So it also shows the seriousness of the government to advance Papua, by giving a lot of money as development capital.

With that amount of money, more infrastructure will be built, such as representative schools, complete with libraries, wifi facilities, and competent teachers. The funds can also be channeled for non-formal education and skills and entrepreneurship classes will be made. So that Papuan youth can add skills and become successful entrepreneurs.

The community supports Otsus volume 2 because the distribution is not only for education, but also for health. With the special autonomy funds, it is possible to build Puskesmas and hospitals with sufficient equipment, so that people do not have to go all the way to Jayapura or Merauke when seeking treatment. The special autonomy budget is also used to eradicate malaria and tuberculosis which are endemic in Papua.

If Otsus volume 2 is supported by the community, it will run smoothly during the construction of infrastructure and the construction of general facilities. Civilians will not interfere with the project, instead helping voluntarily. The reason is because they are aware that this program is very good for the progress of Papua.

Otsus volume 2 in Papua is an excellent program for modernity on the Earth of Cendrawasih. So that people are more advanced, healthy, and smart. The reason is because the special autonomy funds are not only made for the construction of roads and other infrastructure, but also for the health and education sectors.


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