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Various Communities Support the Sustainability of Special Autonomy in Papua | By Rendy T.


Rendy T. | Papuan Student (03 Nopember 201

The continuation of the Papua Special Autonomy program is also supported by motorcycle taxis in Papua. Chairman of the Lanny Jaya Regency Ojek Association, Lelius Wenda, said that Otsus must continue to be supported because it has been very beneficial for the Papuan people in terms of economy, health and development.

“We represent the people of Lanny Jaya and convey our support for the continuation of Special Autonomy for the future of the Papuan People,” he said, quoted Tuesday, October 26, 2021.

He also hopes that the central government will soon realize Volume II of Special Autonomy. However, evaluation must still be carried out so that the distribution is more focused and transparent.

The same thing was conveyed by a nurse at the Ilaga Health Center named Yuni Wandik. He said that Otsus Volume II must still be continued so that it can be used to fulfill and add health service facilities (Faskes) and health workers (Nakes) for the community in Puncak Regency.

He revealed that until now adequate health facilities and health workers are only available at the Ilaga Health Center, so that health services are limited only to people who live in Ilaga District and its surroundings.

“Even though many people live outside the Ilaga District, the distance to the Ilaga Health Center is very far and road access is quite difficult,” he said.


“With the continuation of Otsus later, all public health needs in Puncak Regency can be accommodated.”

“So that people’s living standards will improve and can support the development of Papuan human resources in the future,” he said.

Meanwhile, the people of South Papua appreciate and support the expansion of the Papua region. Efforts to expand the region are expected to be able to cut the bureaucratic span, so as to improve services to the community.

The South Papua Province Expansion Plan (PPS) was well received by the people in Asmat. This was conveyed by a researcher from the Papua Task Force, Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) Dr. Ari Ruhyanto.

He revealed that he had held a dialogue on the preparation of an academic script for the formation of a candidate for the South Papua province with the Asmat community for two days.

The support for the expansion of the region was conveyed by traditional leaders, religious leaders and local governments who live in Asmat. The data is data that will be consolidated with the UGM study team from Merauke Regency.

After being consolidated, the material will be discussed together with the Indonesian House of Representatives Expertise Team at the end of 2021. It is hoped that next year it can be used as an academic text by the Indonesian House of Representatives in the drafting of the law on the expansion of the South Papua Province.

We need to know that the expansion of the Papua region also aims to improve people’s welfare through development and to limit the space for the Separatist Terrorist Groups (KST). The policy of expanding Papua is one of the government’s efforts to accelerate development in Papua. Moreover, in the easternmost region of Indonesia, there are still many areas that are classified as underdeveloped areas.

In the expansion plan in Papua, the Government has also involved various parties, including the indigenous Papuan community, the government has also involved various parties including the indigenous Papuan community.

The expansion of the Papua region will not have a negative impact on the Papuan people and will not necessarily lead to a discourse of disintegration. However, the division of Papua must also pay attention to the needs of the community so that they can feel the welfare after the division of Papua is carried out.

This was stated by a member of the Regional Representatives Council (DPD) from West Papua, Filep Wamafma when speaking in a webinar series of the Center for Humanitarian Studies and Development (PSKP) with the theme “positive potential for expansion for Papua”. Filep said, never be afraid of the expansion issue. It would be wrong to think that pemekaran is an option in preventing disintegration. Papua is already the final NKRI. If the main spirit of Special Autonomy (Otsus) in Papua is already fearful and contains efforts to prevent disintegration, the government should understand that.

The expansion in the Papua region has received support from the indigenous people of Papua and also the tribal chiefs in Papua, of course this expansion is worth fighting for and not just a discourse so that development in Indonesia becomes more evenly distributed.


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