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Beware of Papuan KST Provocations Regarding Human Rights Issues at the World Forum | By Quinton Wade


Quinton Wade | Papuan Observer

The Papuan Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST) is indicated to continue to provoke residents by bringing up the issue of Human Rights (HAM) in several world forums. We must be aware of these maneuvers because in reality these gangs always violate human rights.

In Papua, there are various problems that are still quite problematic, one of which is the existence of the Free Papua organization and the Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST). They want to separate themselves from Indonesia and reject the results of the Act of Free Choice, even though this incident happened decades ago (during the New Order era). KST uses devious ways to get his wish fulfilled.

One of KST’s sneaky ways is to provoke other countries into getting support. Finally Vanuatu, a small country in the Pacific Islands, openly supports an independent Papua and protested it in front of an audience at the UN General Assembly. Vaanuatu PM Bob Weigur attacked the human rights violations committed by the Indonesian government, whereas the opposite happened.

Sindy Nur Fitri, Third Secretary of the Permanent Representative of the Republic of Indonesia, repelled Vanuatu’s attacks and stated that she was surprised that Vanuatu continued to use this noble forum to interfere with the sovereignty and territorial integrity of other countries and continued to carry out aggression with despicable intentions and political motives against Indonesia.

Sindy added that there were no human rights violations in Indonesia, especially Papua. In fact, there is KST that commits major human rights violations by killing teachers and health workers, and burning school buildings. Where was Vanuatu when a worker was brutally murdered by KST? They can only nag without proving it directly to the land of Papua.

The rebuttal of the Indonesian delegation was quite strong and made Vanuatu not move. Although there has been no official apology but it can prove that our representatives are able to reply with striking sentences, and reveal the truth. It is possible that representatives of other countries do not know that it is actually KST that often acts cruelly on the Papuan people.

State sovereignty must be defended and other countries cannot interfere with it, especially in matters of integrity. Don’t let other countries like Vanuatu always harass and vilify Indonesia in the eyes of the world.

“The provocation carried out by the KSTP needs to be watched out for and reduced because it continues to undermine the nation’s sovereignty”

Actually, this is not the first time Vanuatu has attacked Indonesian representatives, because last year they also did the same thing, but they were immediately denied. Surprisingly, the same case was brought up again in international forums, as if our government was at fault. In fact, it is not proven that there are human rights violations in Papua and Vanuatu’s statement is not true.

The issue of human rights violations is an old song that KST always provokes, and we don’t yet know why Vanuatu has always supported this terrorist group. What’s in it for them though? If KST is victorious, it will not necessarily be splashed with sustenance or get other benefits. In fact, it could only be used as a shield in other international forums.

KST is also suspected of having asked for support from influential figures in America, and made a demonstration of an independent Papua. Although this demo didn’t work, it certainly sucks. Indonesia has never colonized Papua and we are trying to erase the impression that there are human rights violations. If there are many soldiers and police in Papua, then it is not to confine the people, but instead to secure them from KST.

Vanuatu’s attack on international forums is very upsetting because it supports KST and accuses Indonesia of human rights violations. In fact, the opposite happened and it was KST that cruelly killed nurses and teachers on Earth of Cendrawasih. We should be proud of the Indonesian delegation who successfully defended the country in international forums.


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