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Beware of Papuan Separatist Maneuvering Ahead of OPM’s Birthday | by Mantri Saputra


Mantri Saputra | Papuan Observee

The public is asked to be aware of the maneuvers of Papuan separatist gangs ahead of the anniversary of the Free Papua Organization (OPM) December 1, which is usually marked by acts of violence. The TNI/Polri are also committed to continue to protect the community and maintain peace in Papua.

Papua is part of Indonesia and this is undeniable, because it is already legal under state law and international law. According to international law, the former Dutch colonies, including Papua (formerly Irian Jaya), became the territory of the Republic of Indonesia. However, this was strongly opposed by the OPM because they did not agree with the results of the Perpera and wanted to become independent.

“The government must be vigilant before and after the OPM anniversary on December 1st

The OPM has always insisted on independence, even though the Act of Free Choice has passed decades ago. Even though the results have been confirmed to be legal, and the Papuan people also love Indonesia very much. But the OPM remains strong, and always uses violence. They sent KST (formerly KKB) to scare the residents and attack the security forces.

Approaching its birthday on December 1st, the OPM became increasingly shunned and feared, because it usually went down the mountain or left its headquarters and acted in the middle of community settlements. So that public safety is a priority and members of the National Police are trying hard so that there are no victims. Civilians must be guarded so that the atmosphere remains conducive.

Papuan Police Chief Inspector General Mathius D Fakhiri ensures the safety of the people on Earth of Cendrawasih ahead of the OPM anniversary. Conditions on the ground are continuously monitored, so that no member of the rebel group disturbs the community. To maintain conduciveness, the Police personnel deployed in the middle of settlements and public places will be added.

The public is asked not to be surprised, because the large number of members of the Police is not to arrest, but to maintain security. Prevention needs to be done, so that there are no riots and even fires, which are in the brains of OPM members.

Inspector General of Police Mathius added that the public should not be provoked by the actions of the OPM, which usually spreads hoaxes ahead of their birthday. When there are photos and news circulating, depicting OPM’s birthday party, don’t respond (even spread it). It could be that it’s just an edit whose purpose is to confuse people’s minds.

Therefore, safeguards will be carried out, both in the real world and the virtual world. For security on social media and websites, they can work together with the cyber police team, so that they can immediately take down hoaxes that are deliberately spread by the OPM.

Strict guarding is very reasonable because when the OPM has gone down the mountain, they don’t just go around the district and show off their sharp weapons. They could provoke the people to want to defect and form a federal republic of West Papua.

Whereas the Papuan people really love the Republic of Indonesia and are always loyal, so they don’t want to be invited to rebel. When the OPM finds out about this fact, they are afraid that they will get angry and then burn people’s houses and public facilities, as well as shooting. It is feared that riots like this will occur, so it is only natural that more officers will be deployed.

People are also increasingly wary of OPM’s birthday, and they prefer to stay at home more and only go out for important matters. rather than later being attacked by OPM, it’s better to anticipate. They also do not want to be forced to fly the Morning Star flag.

They celebrate OPM’s birthday by going down the mountain, raising the Morning Star flag, and scaring Papuans. The public is asked to be vigilant so that they do not become victims of the OPM. However, they do not need to be paranoid because the joint police and Brimob apparatus are always on standby to maintain security throughout Papua




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