Home Security Condemning KST’s Action to Damage Public Facilities | by Recky Imanuel

Condemning KST’s Action to Damage Public Facilities | by Recky Imanuel


Recky Imanuel | Papuan Observer

The Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST) not only had the heart to injure the Papuan people but also destroyed various public facilities. The community condemned the brutal action and supported the TNI/Polri in eradicating the gang.

Currently the Papuan people are facing ‘enemies’ called separatist groups and terrorists (formerly known as armed criminal groups). Even though they are both citizens of Earth of Cendrawasih, KST members do not have love for the Republic of Indonesia, in fact they always want to rebel. KST also spread terror so that the regional and central governments would grant his request for independence.

One of the terrors carried out by KST occurred on October 8, 2021. They shot the Smart Air plane in Bintang Regency, precisely in Kiwirok District. The plane came from Timika, carrying groceries along with 3 passengers who were security personnel. As a result of the shot, there was damage to the left wing of the plane.

Even though the wing had a hole in it, the pilot of the plane was still able to drive it back to Oksibil, but was fired upon again by KST members. Indeed, there were no injuries or fatalities, but the material losses due to the gunfire were certainly not small, although the airline owners have not disclosed the details.

The shooting of this plane is very annoying because in addition to making the owner lose money, the community also loses. Imagine if the plane was destroyed when it was shot by KST, then the food that should have been distributed to the people, was just wasted at the crash site. It is very strange when KST claims to be pro-Papuan, but in reality it harms many people on Earth of Cendrawasih.

“KST often disturbs the Papuan community by killing the Papuan community”

The community is also increasingly antipathetic to KST because this is not the first time they have caused damage. Several months ago, in the Ilaga area, a plane was set on fire by KST members. The reason was that there were officers on the plane, so they became KST’s ‘enemies’. Even though there were only civilians in it. Luckily everyone survived and the pilot was immediately evacuated by a priest.

KST is indeed very disturbing because it repeatedly destroys public facilities. They once burned schools and teachers’ houses, damaged security posts, etc. KST’s behavior was outrageous and included in a criminal act, and deserves to be punished. Changing the name to a terrorist organization was also appropriate because they carried out terror in order to realize their dream (which unfortunately never materialized), which was to become independent.

It is very strange when KST wants to be independent but instead destroys public facilities built by the regional government and the central government. If Papua really wants to be burned to the ground, then they are the losers, because they have to build from 0 again. While not necessarily they have the capital.

In addition to material losses, there are also psychological losses due to the KST attack. Pilots and flight crews can be frightened when they are about to fly again, because they don’t want to be shot at by them. In fact, the presence of pilots and aircraft is very important for the distribution of basic necessities and food ingredients in Papua. The reason is that the geographical conditions on Earth of Cendrawasih still exist in the form of forests and mountains, so air transportation is needed for the distribution of goods.

Therefore, the community is very supportive of the apparatus (especially the Nemangkawi Task Force) in eradicating KST. They really have to be arrested, so they don’t create chaos in Papua anymore. There should be no more babbling and nonsense about an independent Papua, because all civilians on Earth of Cendrawasih are loyal to the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.

KST is always disturbing and damaging public facilities, even though the Papuan people really need it. The eradication of KST is a big homework for the authorities, so that they are quickly arrested and no longer create chaos on the Earth of Cendrawasih





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