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Beware of KST Spreading Hoaxes and Provocations | by Patricia Aurora


Patricia Aurora | Papuan Observe

The Papuan Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST) uses all kinds of means to realize its goals, one of which is by spreading hoaxes and provocations. The community is expected to always be aware of every action of KST Papua

Hoax is a dangerous thing because it can poison the minds of many people, so they are influenced and end up doing negative things.

“The danger of this hoax is being exploited by KST, so that they spread fake news and provoke residents on Earth of Cendrawasih”

One of the hoaxes that was widely heard was the news about the burning of a resident’s house in Kiwirok, Bintang Mountains Regency, Papua. It is narrated by KST that the perpetrators are police officers. In fact, it is just a lie or a hoax, because it is impossible for the officers who are friends of the people to actually take such negative actions.

Darem 172/PWY TNI Brigadier Izak Pagemanan confirmed that the news of the burning in Kiwirok and the arrest of KST were hoaxes. It is not true if there is such an event, like what is on social media. In a sense, KST twists and creates fake news, and accuses the authorities of making people hostile to them.

The arson carried out by the authorities was a hoax because it was KST that did it, in Kiwirok and Yahukimo. In fact, it was not only residents’ houses that were burned, but also public facilities and school buildings. But it’s a shame they throw stones and hide their hands and accuse the other party of being the culprit.

As a result of KST’s actions, there was a very large material loss, therefore they are still fugitives to this day. The Nemangkawi Task Force worked hard to arrest the members of the separatist group, so as not to spread chaos both in the real world and in cyberspace. KST is really troubling and must be hunted down.

The public is also asked not to believe if there is sensational news on social media, because it could be just a hoax. When there are accusations that the authorities have done something negative, don’t get emotional and share the news. However, first check the truth, it can be via the website or ask directly to the person concerned.

Confirmation is very necessary because if people share it, the consequences will be very fatal. Don’t be a hoax spreader and cause many people to join in with antipathy to the authorities. Even though the officers are friends of the people and do not have the heart to do negative things such as burning, in fact the large number of officers in Papua is to protect civil society.

The reason is, this is not the first time KST has spread hoaxes and provocations on social media. Some time ago they had made fake news stating that the presence of the apparatus in Papua was to eradicate the Melanesian race. In fact, this is clearly wrong, because the apparatus came to help the people and protect them from the violence of KST.

Therefore, we must use logic and do not take short axis when there are hoaxes that spread on social media. Think first, is it true or a lie? Don’t let things get complicated and KST laughs because many are caught up in provocations.

People, especially those living in Papua, please be aware of hoaxes on social media. KST is very cunning by spreading false information and narrating that the authorities have come to harm, even though this is completely wrong. Do not just believe in hoaxes and check the truth first, so as not to be provoked by KST.




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