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President Joko Widodo’s Policy Brings Positive Progress to Papua | by Reza Z.


Reza Z. | Papua Observer

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) is known to the world and the public is very concerned about Papua.

According to the Papuan Civil Service Ambassador Michael Manufandu, actually all previous Indonesian presidents were also very concerned with Papua. However, he assessed that during his six years in office, Jokowi had given extraordinary attention. Evidently, personally with his wife or the First Lady have visited Papua 15 times.


“In the past, Papua’s infrastructure was still very limited. However, now the bridges, roads, airports have been built magnificently. In fact, fuel rates have also been the same as other regions.”


Michael claimed to be a witness that development in Papua is very advanced, even more advanced than the Pacific countries. How not, he continued, he could build 4,231 kilometers of roads. According to him, all areas can be passed by car. Papua consists of 42 districts and 560 districts.

According to him, currently the central government is giving the widest possible autonomy. In other words, continued Michael, giving authority to local governments with large budgets. The government does not intervene with extraordinary budgets.

Meanwhile, currently the Special Committee for the Second Amendment to the Draft Law (RUU) of Law Number 21 of 2001 concerning Special Autonomy (Otsus) for the Papua Province has agreed on 21 Problem Inventory Lists (DIM) with Fixed Substances out of a total of 146 DIMs that had previously been proposed. by all factions in the DPR RI.

The agreement was based on the results of the Working Committee of the Special Committee with the Minister of Home Affairs, the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Law and Human Rights. For details, a total of 21 DIMs with fixed substance consist of DIM 6, DIM 8, DIM 10, DIM 12, DIM 59, DIM 60, DIM 61, DIM 62, DIM 63, DIM 64, DIM 65, DIM 66, DIM 67 , DIM 68, DIM 69, DIM 70, DIM 71, DIM 143, DIM 144, DIM 145 and DIM 146.

In addition to ratifying the 21 DIMs with fixed substance, this Working Meeting also approved DIM 1 to DIM 5 to be reformulated by the Formulating Team. Which at a later date can be discussed at a follow-up work meeting.

Furthermore, in a more in-depth discussion, the discussion of the Papua Special Autonomy Bill will be carried out based on clusters without ignoring the order of DIM numbers. Thus, it is hoped that the discussion can be carried out thoroughly.

The chairman of the Special Autonomy Special Committee for Papua, Komarudin Watubun, explained that the DIM will be the subject of a meeting during discussions with the DPR and the government. According to the decision of the working meeting, the Pansus emphasized that the Panja that was formed had the task of conducting in-depth discussions on the substance of the bill and the DIM from the results of the previous recapitulation.


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