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More than Rp1 Million Scholarship for the Young Generation of the Moi Tribe in Papua | by Reina Lukas


Reina Lukas | Papuan Student

Education is something important and valuable for the young generation in this millennial era. Because if someone who is young and at the school age level, but doesn’t go to school anymore or stops, more or less will make his future uncertain.

In contrast to children who continue to receive education and are like the word “chase it as high as the stars in the sky”. However, sometimes, the obstacle is not because the younger generation is not smart or incompetent, but often the cost factor is the reason they do not continue their education.

Realizing the importance of education for the younger generation, the Sorong City Government helps their education costs by providing educational scholarships to the younger generation of the Moi Tribe. Where as many as 184 Moi Tribe students and students received educational scholarships of Rp. 10,000,000 each.

The aid was symbolically handed over by the Mayor of Sorong, Drs Ec Lambert Jitmau MM, to 2 representatives of Moi Tribe students and students at the Samusiret Building, Sorong Mayor’s Office. The assistance is expected to be used to pay for their tuition fees.


“Moi’s 184 students each received an educational scholarship worth Rp. 10,000,000 which can be used to pay tuition fees.”


This is a form of government of the City of Sorong to the children of the moi, because we live on the land of the moi. This scholarship assistance itself comes from special autonomy funds (otsus) which are indeed given to Papuan People (OAP), especially the Moi tribe in Sorong City.

Every district and city in West Papua has special autonomy funds, so in Sorong City the funds are devoted to Moi children.

The Sorong City Government has provided educational funding assistance to students from the Moi Tribe three times. The city government plans to provide educational funding assistance to students from the Moi Tribe who have not received educational assistance in mid-2022.

Lambert hopes that similar assistance will still be carried out in the coming year by the next Regional Head, even though he is no longer the Mayor of Sorong, because the support of all parties is very much needed to increase the Human Resources (HR) of indigenous Papuans in Sorong City.


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