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Papua Special Autonomy For The Papuan People | by Thomas Aquino


Thomas Aquino | Papuan Observer

The Special Autonomy Law (Otsus) has been enacted and the community has welcomed it positively. Apart from accommodation for the aspirations of the people, the Special Autonomy Law is believed to be a way for the state to raise the dignity of the Papuan people.


“Special autonomy is a privilege that is given to the people of Papua, because they get special autonomy funds which are very large in nominal”


The money is to build the Earth of Cendrawasih, so that its facilities are more modern and not inferior to other provinces. Otsus started in 2001 and was extended in 2021, and all Papuans agreed because their lives were better because of Otsus.

To further strengthen the special autonomy program, the Special Autonomy Law was made as a legal umbrella. The goal is that it runs smoothly even if the president changes. In addition, a legal umbrella is also needed so that this program is adhered to by the central government and local governments. The Special Autonomy Law also elevates the dignity of Papuans because only they are allowed to become governors, deputy governors, mayors, and representatives.

During the old and new orders, the governor of Papua was not a native Papuan and was usually a retired man. However, if there is a rule that the leader must be a native Papuan, then the people are happy because they feel respected and their dignity is being elevated by the government.

West Papua Senator Filep Wamafma stated that there are important points in Article 2 of Law number 76 of 2021 aka the Special Autonomy Law. First, regional expansion is carried out with the approval of the Papuan DPR and the Papuan People’s Assembly. Although the regional expansion has not yet started, the preparations must be really thorough. Not only look at the readiness of the funds but also the culture.

In a sense, the voices of indigenous Papuans are heard and they have the right to determine later how the division of regions on Earth of Cendrawasih will be, into 5 or 6 provinces. The regulation is not 100% carried out by the central government because the MRP and DPRP know the details. This shows that the dignity of the Papuan people is raised by the government because they are given the right to regulate their own area.

Filep added that in the verse, the division of territory must be based on elements of human resources, social and cultural, economic, future readiness, etc. In a sense, in Papua there are many tribes with different cultures so that the issue of regional expansion should not become complex. Typical people of each tribe are different and when it comes to creating a new province, it must be seen whether the cultural differences are extreme or not too visible.

Meanwhile, the second is regional expansion for economic improvement, equitable development, and community welfare. The dignity of the Papuan people will increase because after a more prosperous life they feel happier. Also grateful that the government has prospered and modernized Papua so that it is not inferior to other regions.

The negative stigma that the government is only using Papua is a big mistake. The reason is because the Papuan people are very loved, especially in the era of President Jokowi. They were given special autonomy funds and the program was extended. In addition, the nominal also continues to increase.

The dignity of the Papuan people is raised and respected by the central government because they have to be the hosts in their own territory. Papua is part of Indonesia and its people understand its culture better. So it is natural that in the expansion of the territory the voices of the Papuan people must be heard. It’s not racist, but it gives them a chance to develop.

When there is the Special Autonomy Law, the important point is the increase in the dignity of the Papuan people. They may regulate regional expansion in terms of economic and cultural readiness, so that it will not become a problem one day. The central government respects the Papuan people because they are Indonesian citizens too.


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