The Release of 30 Outstanding Papuan Indigenous Students of Special Autonomy Scholarships Abroad, by Ricko Kwalik


    Ricko Kwalik | Papuan Observer

    The Papua Provincial Government (Pemprov) sent as many as 30 superior Papuan students (OAP) to study abroad, especially in the United States.

    The founder and CEO of Jakarta International College (JIC), Dr. Wenny Susanto, said that the 30 Papuan sons and daughters were part of 45 recipients of the 2019 Papuan Excellence Students scholarship that had been coached at the Jakarta International College. These OAP students who are recipients of this Special Autonomy scholarship already have 45 credits in their studies.


    “The sending of these students is the commitment of the Papua Provincial Government in building human resources (HR) to become a development driver for the awakening, independence and welfare of the community”

    The Papuan student will continue his studies at several well-known universities that are included in the top national ranking of universities in the US, including The Ohio State University, Michigan State University, Western Michigan University, The University Of Kansas, Auburn University and Louisiana State University.


    Furthermore, Wenny said that for the 2019 class there were 100 students undergoing selection. From that number, 45 people were selected who could qualify to receive scholarships to study abroad. Meanwhile, the rest are still given scholarships by the Papua Provincial Government to study domestically.

    The Head of the Papua Province Human Resources Development Agency (BPSDM), Aryoko AF Rumapen, SP.M.Eng said that Papuan superior students and students were expected to become ambassadors for Papua in particular and Indonesia in general, while studying abroad.

    He explained that the Papua Provincial Government was only limited to providing facilities. However, he hopes that superior Papuan students can take advantage of the facilities provided by achieving proud academic achievements.

    The release of 30 Papuan students in 2019 to study in the United States (Michigan University) is their 12th year. This program is fully funded from the Papua Special Autonomy (Otsus) budget under the leadership of Governor Lukas Enembe and the Deputy Governor, Klemen Tinal.

    Since it was rolled out until 2009, there have been 1,051 scholarship recipients and as many as 600 of them are studying abroad and the rest are studying at well-known universities in the country.

    He hopes that in the future the program will continue to prepare indigenous Papuan human resources, so that in the future Papua will rise, be independent and prosperous.

    Meanwhile, a member of the Papua People’s Representative Council (DPRP), Timotius Wakur, S.Th said, if Papua wants to progress, there must be a lot of young people who study abroad.

    This is what motivates Governor Lukas Enembe, Deputy Governor of Klemen Tinal and DPRP Papua to roll out a scholarship program for study at foreign universities. In fact, Lukas Enembe allocates 30 percent of the education fund from Otsus.


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