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Papuan People’s Lives Will Be More Secure With The New Autonomous Region | by Roland Levy


Roland Levy | Bumi Cendrawasih Student Committee

The division of territory is carried out in order to improve the welfare of the indigenous Papuans Basically, the purpose of establishing new autonomous regions in Papua and West Papua is to create prosperity and justice for the people.

The plan to establish New Autonomous Regions in Papua and West Papua is a follow-up to Law Number 2 of 2021 concerning Special Autonomy for Papua. The expansion of the Papua region is the aspiration of the indigenous groups in the region, in order to improve the welfare of the indigenous Papuans. The purpose of establishing new autonomous regions in Papua and West Papua is to create prosperity and justice for the community. In this way, the government seeks to achieve justice for the people in the Land of Papua by providing the aspirations that have developed in the community since the last few years. The government continues to strive to provide the best infrastructure facilities for all its people so that there is no social jealousy that occurs.

Several community leaders and traditional leaders in Papua provide support so that the Papua New Guinea can run smoothly. One of them, namely, Papuan Local Political Observer, Frans Maniagasi, emphasized that the purpose of the new autonomous region was to accelerate development and expand the range of government bureaucratic services, there must also be room for acceleration for the rationality of Papuans to understand their own values. However, the expansion of new territories, does not deprive Papuan people of their values and cultural roots.

Executive Director of the Indonesian Public Institute (IPI), Karyono Wibowo, assessed that regional expansion in Papua is something important and needs to be supported by all Indonesian people. From the cultural and cultural aspects, Papua is very heterogeneous, geographically also very diverse, so it is appropriate if Papua is expanded. Then viewed from the development aspect, so far there are still many areas that have not been touched, because many areas in Papua are isolated from the attention of the government, both local and central governments.

Chairman of the Papuan Family Association (IKBP), Ayub Faidiban, said that the expansion of new autonomous regions was the key to accelerating development in Papua. According to him, the expansion could be a solution to spur infrastructure development and human resource development. Then, Ayub said IKPB will always support every policy of the central government. Moreover, since his first time as the President of Indonesia, President Joko Widodo has given great attention to Papua.

Legislator / Member of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia, the electoral district of Papua, Yan Mandenas asked the people of Earth of Cenderawasih to welcome the formation of new autonomous regions or the expansion of Papua. According to him, the new autonomous regions have been programmed by the central government according to the aspirations of the people. Yan Mandenas also asked the public to be more prepared than participating in demonstrations against the division of Papua which were carried out for the benefit of certain groups.

In the framework of establishing new autonomous regions in Papua, there are many important things that need attention, including geographical conditions, the area of Papua, coastal areas, mountainous areas, regional isolation, demographic conditions, population, uneven population distribution, the development process of the Papuan people, and socio-cultural conditions of the community. The main roots of the problem of security disturbances there are economic problems, poverty problems and others, so the expansion is one of the efforts to accelerate development and simplify the bureaucracy.

Every development that takes place in Papua, including the expansion of the province has the main objectives of equity, ease of access, harmonious relations between regions, prosperity, and reducing inequality. In addition, communities in the remote areas of Papua, are not only in mountainous areas but also in coastal areas, and there are still many who have not received government services as they should. Along with this assumption, it is stated that if you want to accelerate development from all aspects, there must be steps to shorten the span of control over the implementation of policies carried out by the government, both from the center and the regions.

Cooperation and support from various parties is needed so that new autonomous regions can run smoothly. The New Autonomous Region will not run smoothly and well if only the government supports this program. This is because the main objective of the government to carry out this program is to provide welfare to the people in Papua and to provide better public services than before. And to fulfill the mandate on the principle of social justice for all Indonesian people. Let’s fully support the process of regional expansion in Papua.


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