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The Progress and Welfare of the Papuan People can be Realized through the Establishment of a New Autonomous Region (DOB) | by Rendy K.


Rendy K. | Papuan Student

In the midst of a protracted conflict due to racism and ideological bias, a number of Papuan political elites are fighting for the five New Autonomous Regions (DOB). They proposed the division of Papua Province and West Papua Province to form five new provinces. The proposal points to the existence of five customary areas in Papua and two customary areas in West Papua. If the proposal for new autonomous regions is realized, there will be seven provinces in Papua. The efforts of the elites in fighting for new autonomous regions in Papua have received appreciation from the Papuan people. Then, with the growing aspirations in the community for the formation of new autonomous regions in Papua, the Government can thus expand the provinces and districts/cities into autonomous regions to accelerate equitable development.

The chairman of the Jayapura Regency Religious Harmony Forum, Papua, Rev. Alberth Yoku said that religious leaders agreed and encouraged the expansion of the province in Papua, for the sake of realizing accelerated development, public services, community welfare, as well as elevating the dignity of the Papuan Indigenous People (OAP) by paying attention to aspects of politics, administration, law, and social unity. -culture, readiness of human resources, basic infrastructure, public capacity, future developments, and/or aspirations of the Papuan people.

The chairman of the Port Numbay Indigenous Peoples Institute, Papua, George Awi, emphasized that there is no reason to reject the formation of a new autonomous region in Papua, because it will have an impact on welfare, justice and equitable development in all sectors, including opening up job opportunities. new. There is no reason to reject the formation of a new autonomous region in Papua, because it will have an impact on welfare, justice and equitable development in all sectors.

“The establishment of new autonomous regions has an impact on welfare, justice and equitable development in all sectors”

They have an agreement for the expansion of the region in Papua or the new autonomous region, for most Papuans they are very enthusiastic about the new autonomous region, because then there will be more jobs, the welfare of the community will increase, and community services will continue to develop to the regions. which is located in a remote area of ​​Papua.

However, there were some elements who protested against the division of the territory which was said to be carried out by Papuan students, it turned out that the masterminds and participants of the demonstration were separatist groups and the people who were provoked by these groups of human rights violators.

Due to the emergence of groups of human rights violations in Papua, the alliances in Papua support the attitude of the group of 7 countries in investigating cases of human rights violations. They said the 7 countries’ statements were important to “strengthen Papua’s struggle for self-determination”.

The Jayapura Youth Movement invites all youth, including Papuan students to unite, to accept the presence of the New Autonomous Region in Papua Province. The Papuan people really need the expansion for the expansion of services and the involvement and accommodation of all the interests of the Papuan people, to remote areas.

The leaders of the Doreri Tribe Indigenous People who are in Manokwari Regency with indigenous Papuan tribal leaders in the Domberai Customary Region III, West Papua have an agreement to provide support for the new autonomous regions that will be carried out in the Papua Region, they are very enthusiastic about the regional expansion that will occur in the Papua region. or DOB, because according to them, with the existence of this new autonomous region, the Papua Province can further develop and its development can be felt for all citizens of the Republic of Indonesia.

Regarding the formation of new autonomous regions in Papua, there are several important things that need attention, including geographical conditions, the area of ​​Papua, coastal areas, mountainous areas, regional isolation, demographic conditions, population, uneven population distribution, the development process of the Papuan people, and socio-cultural conditions of the community. Because with all the existing conditions, the aspirations for the formation of the Papua New Guinea can be considered as a priority for discussion in the next one to two years.

The main objective of the expansion and development of autonomy in the Papua region is to further improve public services, people’s lives and welfare. Then by bringing the community closer to the government, it is hoped that government management will be more effective and efficient.


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