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The province of Papua is located at 2°25’N – 9°S and 130° – 141°E. The province’s total area is 317,062 km² or 19.33% of Indonesia’s total. Papua has covers the largest percentage of land compared to other areas in Indonesia. It has the following boundaries: the Pacific Ocean (North), the Arafura Sea (South), West Papua Province (West) and Papua New Guinea (East).

As with other provinces in Indonesia, Papua only has two seasons: the dry and rainy seasons. The dry season is from June – September and is influenced by Australia’s continental air masses. On the other hand, the rainy season is from December – March and is influenced by the Asia Continental and Pacific Ocean air masses passing over the oceans.

The average temperature in Papua ranges between 19°C – 28°C and the humidity ranges between 80% – 89%. The average rainfall ranges between 1,500 mm – 7,500 mm per year. (Source: Papua Dalam Angka 2013)