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Supporting Law Enforcement Efforts for Security Stability in Papua | by Mozes Siregar


Mozes Siregar | Papuan Observer

The community supports law enforcement efforts to maintain security stability in Papua. With security stability, the economic activity of the community will be maintained and national development will continue.

The law in Indonesia strives to be enforced as high as possible by the government, because it must be in accordance with the 1945 Constitution and the principle of justice. It is not true if there is an issue that blows up in society, which states that the law is only sharp downwards but blunt upwards. Should anyone, no matter how far his position, should be punished if he is proven guilty.

“The community always support government action to maintain stability in papua”

Law enforcement in Papua is also being intensified, again because of the principle of justice. Do not let the case be swayed and each inmate must receive a punishment commensurate with his bad behavior. Even though Earth of Cendrawasih is very far from the capital, it does not mean that it is free from supervision and that there is no law enforcement and human rights there.

Law enforcement is also carried out in the fairest manner, regardless of who is at fault is a public figure. For example, in the past, an official was caught crossing into Papua New Guinea via a secret route, and without an official permit. He was immediately reprimanded and not left alone. The man immediately apologized and admitted his mistake.

Law enforcement is also accompanied by the enforcement of human rights. Filep Wamafma, Chair of the Special Committee for Papua DPD RI asked the Attorney General’s Office to support law enforcement efforts and resolve human rights violations in Papua. The reason is because these two things are the root of protracted problems in Papua.

For example, when there is a case in Papua and the perpetrator is tried in Jakarta for reasons of neutrality, it needs to be looked at carefully. Law enforcement must be with high justice. Don’t let him just be a victim, while the real mastermind laughs behind his suffering. The law must be enforced and investigations and investigations must be carried out carefully.

In addition, human rights violations also received a large portion of the meeting between Filep and the Attorney General’s Office. In a sense, there should be no discrimination that makes human rights in Papua neglected. The human rights of the citizens of Cendrawasih Earth must also be protected.

o far, there have been allegations that when there is law enforcement, that is where human rights are violated. This is completely wrong though. The reason is because the government is trying to act fairly everywhere, including Papua, and to ensure that there are no human rights violations.

The government has been trying to enforce the law and establish human rights fairly. When there is input from the DPD, it will be listened to carefully, then a follow-up is made The reason is because there must be justice and the enforcement of human rights, so that there will be no more internal conflicts in Papua.

trict law enforcement is also supported by the Communion of Churches in Papua. Especially to the members of KST. They strongly support the government’s efforts to arrest and prosecute KST, because it has often disturbed the public and brought many casualties.

KST has often hurt the community and harmed the state, due to the destruction and burning of public facilities. No wonder religious leaders support law enforcement against them. If any KST members are arrested then this is not a violation of human rights, because they were proven guilty.

Law enforcement and human rights are being upheld at the highest level in Papua. The central government tries to act fairly and continues to monitor that the law applies also in Papua, and there is no discrimination, even though their position is far from the capital. Community leaders also support law enforcement, especially to KST.





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