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Dutch Ambassador to Indonesia visits Papua


Dutch Ambassador to Indonesia Rob Swartbol visited Papua Province on Tuesday to discuss important issues related to politics and development in the “Land of Cenderawasih.”

“The visit to Papua this time is the first of its kind, and we want to discuss issues related to democracy and the simultaneous regional elections,” Swartbol remarked here on Tuesday.

The Dutch ambassador to Indonesia said he was keen to know the extent of cooperation between the Dutch government and Papua Police related to the establishment of the Community Police in the Land of Cenderawasih.

“Our cooperation aims to bring the community closer to the police, especially in Papua,” he affirmed.

Swartbol explained that in principle, the Dutch government has always given attention to Indonesia, including Papua.

“We are very interested in the policies implemented by the Government of Indonesia in Papua, and so far, everything is going well,” he said, adding that based on the information obtained, President Joko Widodo has given ample time for Papua.

In the meantime, Papua provincial secretary Hery Dosinaen said that besides highlighting political issues, the Dutch ambassador to Indonesia also discussed developments related to improving the peoples economy in Papua.

Source: Antara News


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