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SNVT in Papua Province to repair 3,500 houses


Papua Provinces Specific Non-Vertical Work Unit (SNVT), under the Public Works and Housing Ministry, is scheduled to repair 3.5 thousand uninhabitable houses in order to improve social welfare.

Papua SVNT Head Malidikin Soltif revealed here on Thursday that in 2016, the housing improvement program had repaired two thousand houses in a bid to improve the quality of livable housing in the region.

“We had repaired two thousand houses for people from the low-income group last year, and we will repair as many as 3.5 thousand houses this year. In future, we propose that the housing improvement program could reach all regions of Papua, including cities and districts,” he noted.

“It is our expectation. Hence, people from the low-income group have become our priority to distribute this assistance,” he revealed.

Soltif stated that the assistance will not be distributed in the form of a cash scheme but instead in the form of building materials, which the beneficiaries will receive based on their needs after getting an approval from the field technical team.

The program called Stimulant Non-Governmental Housing Assistance will be channeled to people in the districts of Nabire, Biak, Supiori, Mamberamo Tengah, Mamberamo Raya, Tolikara, Deiyai, Merauke, Sarmi, Waropen, Kepulauan Yapen, and Jayawijaya.

Every region will receive different assistance based on the geographical conditions, price of raw materials, and price index of goods in each of the areas.

“The assistance, under the scheme of Stimulant Non-Governmental Housing Assistance, amounts to Rp15 million for coastal areas and Rp30 million for mountainous areas,” he remarked.


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