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Papuans Support The Continuation Of Special Autonomy, by Martius Ramoney


Martius Ramoney | Papuan Observer

Special autonomy in Papua, which will be extended in 2021, has received a lot of support from various levels of society. They support the special autonomy because they believe that this program will be good for all people on Earth of Cendrawasih. So that he agreed to extend the special autonomy, because it would further advance the Papuan people.

2021 is a crucial time, because there is an extension of special autonomy. This program has been in effect for 20 years and began in 2001. So that in 2021 the public is eagerly awaiting an explanation of the special autonomy volume 2. In volume 2, it is hoped that there will be a larger budget and more evaluations. The goal is that the autonomy volume 2 runs even better.

“The Papuan people are very supportive of the Special Autonomy Volume 2”

They have taken advantage of the Special Autonomy Volume 1. Mobility is facilitated by the construction of the Trans Papua Road, Sentani International Airport, and the port. So that people can run smoothly, and have alternatives besides using relatively expensive air transportation. Because the road and sea are good.

Alex Doga, a veteran of Jayawijaya, expressed his support for the implementation of special autonomy in Papua. He represents all the people of Cendrawasih Earth, from youth, religious leaders, to community leaders and women. They continue to approve government programs, including special autonomy.

Alex is also grateful for the existing development in Papua. His gratitude goes to the regional government of Papua, the central government, and all employees who carry out the special autonomy in Bumi Cendrawasih. In that sense, the community agrees with the special autonomy because the results of this program are already visible, namely progress in the field of development.

During the 20 years of special autonomy volume 1, the government has built a lot. Starting from the Trans Papua road, Sentani international airport, port, Youtefa bridge, to the Lukas Enembe stadium. Development is not only in infrastructure to support mobility, but also in sports facilities. So that the people of Papua will be healthier.

In addition, the Special Autonomy has provided scholarships to all Papuan children. So that they can go to school from elementary to high school, and college for those who pass the selection. On average they study in Java and after graduating to serve the Papuan provincial government, schools or other institutions, as a form of gratitude. Also educating the children of Cendrawasih Earth, so that there is a regeneration of future leaders.

The special autonomy scholarship has brought Billy Mambrasar to study and now he is a special staff member for the President. The achievements at a young age make him an example, that the special autonomy scholarship recipients can also be successful in the capital. With a note, you must be studious and always curious, and have a good attitude .

The special autonomy scholarship is also given to high school graduates who wish to become members of the TNI. They are given a special quota, as well as pocket money when education takes place. Papuan youths train hard and try to secure their area from attacks by separatist groups.

The giving of scholarships for both youths who want to study and who want to become soldiers makes Papuan children even more enthusiastic. Because they are given the choice of studying at university or devoting themselves to the country. If he becomes a member of the TNI, then he has the opportunity to defend the community and protect the sovereignty of the country.

The special autonomy program has improved the quality of the Papuan people, because they have access to education, mobility and the opportunity to become soldiers. Civilians can be more prosperous thanks to the special autonomy. Because if they have a minimum S1 diploma, it will be easier to apply for jobs at prestigious companies.

The people strongly support special autonomy because they feel the various infrastructures built by the government, so that mobility is made easier. In addition, special autonomy also provides scholarship funds, so that Papuan children who are less fortunate can continue their studies. So that the extension of the Special Autonomy was approved by everyone.




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