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Papua provincial government to build 1,680 houses


Papua provincial government will soon build 1,680 houses in 2017 from the developmental target of 13 thousand houses.

Head of Papua Provinces Housing, Regional Settlement, and Land Daud Ngabalin stated in Jayapura on Wednesday that the housing development finance was derived from the State Budget to fund the development of 500 houses, Regional Revenue and Expenditure Budget (APBD) to fund 180 houses, and district/city budget to finance the construction of 1 thousand houses.

“Papua province has built 8,934 houses in 29 districts/cities until 2016. Thus, the government will build a total of 10,614 houses by 2017,” he noted.

Out of 8,934 houses, 3,473 houses have been built using the state budget, while the development of 732 houses was financed by APBD, and the construction of 4,729 units was financed by district/city budget.

“The remaining 2,386 houses will be built in 2018. The figures could be achieved based on the calculation and coordination between the regional planning and development agency and related agencies,” he noted.

“The construction of 13 thousand houses, which is a program initiated by Papuas Governor and Deputy Governor, will be fully intended for the indigenous Papuan people,” he remarked.

He added that thousands of houses, which will be built during the four-year leadership of current Papuas Governor and Deputy Governor, will be inaugurated on April 9, 2017.


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