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Absorb the Community’s Aspirations for the Advancement of Special Autonomy in Papua, by Denny R.


Denny R. | Papuan Observer

The Ministry of Home Affairs (Ministry of Home Affairs) absorbs the aspirations for the Bill on the amendment of the Papua Special Autonomy Law at a Special Committee meeting of the Indonesian Parliament (DPR RI) in West Papua on May 3, 2021.

Information from the Ministry of Home Affairs Puspen said that those whose aspirations were absorbed were the Provincial Government, West Papua MRP, West Papua DPRP, campus people, regional heads, representatives of district / city DPRDs, religious leaders, traditional leaders, women leaders and all stakeholders in West Papua.

“Constructive input can bring better policies and implementation of Otsus Papua”

The Director General for Regional Autonomy of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Akmal Malik, on this occasion invited all parties to strengthen the synergy of development in Papua and West Papua. Meanwhile, the Governor of West Papua, Domingggus Mandacan, expressed his appreciation for holding the meeting and the government’s intention to extend Otsus.

Responding to the hopes of the Governor of West Papua, the head of the DPR RI Special Committee, Komarudin Watubun, explained that in the design of the Papua Special Autonomy Law (Law Number 21/2001), Papua’s Special Autonomy does not stop until 2021, but only the special autonomy funds. In order to ensure the sustainability of the Special Autonomy Fund and better implementation of Otsus, the Indonesian Parliament and the Government currently consider it necessary to amend the Papua Special Autonomy Law.

In line with the Governor of West Papua, the Chancellor of UNIPA, Meky Sagrim, explained that the Papua Special Autonomy Fund with the allocation of the Special Autonomy Fund, Profit Sharing Fund, and Additional Infrastructure Funds are important for the development of the education, health, transportation, and community economic empowerment sectors.

Furthermore, the Chairperson of the West Papua DPR, the Chairperson of the West Papua MRP, and the Representatives of the West Papua Regency / City DPRD, each submitted their input in writing. These parties share the same view that in the context of revising the Special Autonomy Law, it is important for the government and the DPR RI to expand the discussion space to local government components and the public to convey their input.

Meanwhile, Bernard Sagrim, who represented the regent / mayor of the West Papua region, highlighted aspects of the implementation and consistency of the Papua Special Autonomy Law in taking sides, protecting and empowering the Papuan people.

Responding to input and aspirations at the Special Committee Meeting, the Director General of Otda, Akmal Malik, appreciated all parties for their aspirations regarding affirmative policies for the interests of development and welfare of the people of Papua and West Papua.


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