Home Security Community Supports Law Enforcement Against Papuan Separatist Groups, by Quenn Mozes

Community Supports Law Enforcement Against Papuan Separatist Groups, by Quenn Mozes


Quenn Mozes | Papuan Observer

Separatist and terrorist groups (KST) in Papua have received strong resistance from the community. Apart from causing chaos and suffering for the people, these groups only hamper various programs to advance Papua. The community fully supports the TNI / Polri to crush the group.

Separatist groups in Papua that often spread terror have been labeled as terrorists, this labeling seems to make some parties feel worried about the name change, one of the concerns is the closure of the dialogue space. Even though the government has actually tried to open space for dialogue, the OPM and KKB have refused.

If this is the case, of course the separatist and terrorist groups in Papua must be eliminated, especially since these groups are known as groups that like to spread terror, they even kill civilians viciously.

When the National Police Chief was held by Tito Karnavian, his party said that the government had opened up space for dialogue as long as there were no excessive requests. However, the OPM spokesman, Sebby Sambom, emphasized that dialogue was not needed because what was being fought for was Papuan independence.

These words of course show that the crackdown on terrorists in Papua should be carried out similarly to the crackdown on terrorists in Poso. After all, when the government crushes terrorists in Poso, presumably no one will protest.

Referring to the Terrorism Law, the Law does not define terrorism as an act of terror in a certain place. The definition of terrorism includes acts, not the locus or place where the acts of terror took place.

Director of Law Enforcement of the National Counterterrorism Agency (BNPT), Brigadier General Eddy Hartono, revealed that the terrorist label for armed groups in Papua is given to narrow the space for movement and funding.

According to Eddy, this has been regulated in Law Number 5 of 2018 concerning Eradication of Criminal Acts of Terrorism. Through this Law, the government can certainly take strategic steps to prevent acts of terror.

So, the opportunities that have so far been untouched by the KKB are hoped that under the framework of Law Number 5/2018, this will narrow down the movement.

“Many communities support the government in dealing with the Papua problem, because the KKB has troubled the community”

He said that so far the government’s efforts to prevent the KKB action in Papua were limited. The government can only deal with KKB actions through special criminal trials.

The Chairperson of the Papua Indigenous Youths Jan Arebo firmly stated that the actions carried out by the KKB were worthy of being called terrorists.

He also recommended and supported BNPT to establish KKB as a local terrorist organization.

On a different occasion, an observer of terrorism and intelligence, Stanislaus Riyanta, called the Papua armed criminal group (KKB) a terrorist group.

According to him, this refers to law (UU) Number 5 of 2018 concerning amendments to Law Number 15 of 2003 concerning the establishment of government regulations in place of Law Number 1 of 2002 concerning Eradicating Criminal Acts of Terrorism into Law.

Article 1 paragraph (2) of Law No.5 of 2018 states that the definition of terrorism is an act that uses violence or the threat of violence which creates an atmosphere of terror or widespread fear, which can cause mass victims, and / or cause victims of a general nature. mass and / or cause damage or destruction to vital strategic objects, the environment, public facilities, or international facilities with motive of ideology, politics or security disturbances.

If you refer to this definition, of course the KKB in Papua which often carries out actions can be called terrorists.

Mahfud explained, even though the KKB acted very brutally, the government was still trying to resolve the conflict by adhering to human rights.

He also claims that more than 90% of the Papuan people have no problem with the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI). According to him, the number of indigenous Papuans who chose to become terrorists (KKB) was in fact far less.

As is known, the Government through the Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Mahfud MD has designated the KKB as a list of suspected terrorists and terrorist organizations (DTTOT). This means that the government considers that organizations and people in Papua who commit massive violence are categorized as terrorists.

The government has also asked the TNI and Polri to take firm and measured action against the Papuan KKB which is increasingly troubling. This refers to Law Number 5 of 2018 concerning the eradication of acts of terrorism.

This threat was spread by the Free Papua Organization (OPM) group after the government officially designated the KKB as a terrorist.

The community has started to feel frustrated by the actions of the OPM and all its wing organizations that often spread terror and provocation, it is time for them to be crushed because there is no more space for dialogue that is possible.


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