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KST must be crushed for the sake of sustainable development in Papua, by Rokky Romario


Rokky Romario | Papuan Observer

Separatist and terrorist groups (KST) must be severely punished because they disturb public order. In addition, KST also hampers development, because it has disrupted the Trans Papua road project several times. KST must be eradicated because people on Cendrawasih earth cannot progress if they are still roaming around.

Papua is famous for its natural exoticism and the beauty of its tourist attractions such as Raja Ampat and Puncak Jayawijaya. However, Papua is also known for its negativity, namely separatist and terrorist groups (formerly known as armed criminal groups). Therefore, the government is trying to erase the bad image by eradicating KST.

KST again acted by killing civilians in Eromaga Village, Puncak Regency, Papua. Papuan Police Chief Inspector General Mathius Fakhiri explained that the victim’s name was Abel, 30 years old. He crossed the road in a pickup truck and was held at gunpoint by KST members. Even though he asked for forgiveness, he was still shot.

The existence of KST is certainly very disturbing because people are afraid to go outside, because they don’t want to have the same fate as Abel. If people stay at home, their activities will be disrupted, because the market is quiet and this could have an impact on the Papuan economy. So that the residents will experience a slight setback, because they are still in shock from the threats and cruelty of KST.

Papua’s progress can also be disrupted by the actions of the KKB which have threatened several times in Papua’s national strategic projects, one of which was when there was construction on the Trans Papua Road. Maybe KST doesn’t agree with that path because it can reveal where their headquarters is. However, the construction of the trans-Papua road was continued, although in the end it was escorted by tight security by the apparatus.

Jalan Tans Papua will continue to be perfected even with the threat of KST, because this road is very important for the mobility of the people on Earth of Cendrawasih. KST should not be ignored because they are only individuals who do not have authority in Papua. They interfere with the physical development process in Papua.

How can Papua progress if it continues like this? Therefore, KST must be eradicated to its roots. If any KST member is caught, then he can be punished according to his mistake. For example, when Sabius Walker was arrested by the authorities (because he was previously a DPO status), he could be subject to Article 406 of the Criminal Code for damaging public facilities. The penalty is 2 years and 8 months. Sabus was very heartbroken because it was the school that was burned, so the students cried because they had lost their place to study.

If KST is left unchecked, mental development in Papua will be disrupted. Because they could burn another school. Children on Cendrawasih Earth cannot be enthusiastic about learning because they have lost a safe and comfortable place to study. They also miss the opportunity to read books in the school library.

Meanwhile, if Lekagak cs are caught (because he is included in the DPO as well as Sabius), the punishment could be even more severe. He or his subordinates could be implicated in Article 340 of the Criminal Code concerning premeditated murder. Because they have shot 2 teachers in Puncak Regency and there must have been previous planning . The maximum penalty is the death penalty or life imprisonment.

This punishment is considered worthy because blood is paid for with blood. If one of the KST members is threatened with this punishment, it will have an effect on his friends who have not been caught. They will be frightened and then turn themselves in to the police, hoping for a lighter sentence.

“KST eradication is carried out intensively so that nothing interferes with development in Papua, both physically and mentally”

So that they cannot interfere with the process of modernity in Papua. The community also agreed to eradicate KST, so that life would be more conducive.




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