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Improving the Welfare of the Papuan People to Suppress the Movement of Papuan Terrorist Separatist Groups, by Dicky W.


Dicky W. | Papuan Observer

The terror carried out by KST Papua has not yet ended. The latest is an attack allegedly carried out by KKB against the Kisor Koramil Post in South Afiat, Maybrat Regency, West Papua, last Thursday, September 2, 2021).

The former Head of the Strategic Intelligence Agency (Kabais), Soleman B. Ponto also revealed a number of problems that are still bugging the Papuan KST movement that has not been completely extinguished.

He explained that whether we realize it or not, the Papuan KST movement is related to the realization of Otsus Papua. Moreover, there are still parties in Papua who also reject the limited revision of Law Number 21 of 2001 concerning Special Autonomy for the Papua Province.

“Therefore, Otsus Papua has not been running properly. If Otsus is running properly, then security in Papua can also work.”

He also revealed that so far the pattern of handling KST Papua carried out by Kopassus and the police is slowly getting better, although not yet optimal. He also emphasized that the condition of Papua should not be compared as a vulnerable area so that it is necessary to carry out military service. For this reason, there is no need to carry out a joint operation involving the Marines and Paskhas to eradicate KST Papua.

Soleman also explained that on paper the strength of KST Papua is far inferior to the TNI, which has human resources and sophisticated equipment. KST Papua only excels in territorial control. Besides that, basically KKB is a group that likes and is accustomed to fighting. No wonder in Papua there are often wars between tribes.

The same thing was conveyed by Terrorism and Intelligence observer from The Community of Ideological Islamic Analyst (CIIA) Harits Abu Ulya. He said that in order to solve the Papuan problem, a top leader from the Republic of Indonesia is needed who is capable, has the capacity, is credible and has constructive political support from the parliament and various parties.

For this reason, he suggested that the government make decisions in a balanced manner with all approaches, firm, measurable and comprehensive to complete the Papuan KST movement.

Harits also asked the central government to seriously study to find the main obstacles to developing Papua. The central government must also consistently mobilize all the components needed to achieve real progress in all sectors in Papua.

He also hopes that local Papuan leaders need to be committed to ending the conflict. Commitment to jointly build a prosperous, just and advanced Papua with civility.


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