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Community Supports Optimization of KST Eradication, by Robert Sorosoa


Robert Sorosoa | Papuan Student

The Nemangkawi Task Force continues to hunt for Separatist and terrorist groups in Papua. A task force consisting of TNI and Polri has succeeded in storming one of the KST headquarters. In addition, Densus 88 will also be deployed to help them. KST eradication is also carried out by BNPT and PPATK.

“Papua is an area that is often disturbed by OPM and KST because they want to be independent, even though civilians do not want to be invited to rebel. As a result, KST often riots by scaring people, forcing them to raise the Morning Star flag, and brutally killing officers and civilians”

KST’s abominations that have crossed the line have made them labeled as a terrorist group by the government. The community, especially those living in Papua, immediately agreed. Because they themselves are embarrassed by KST which continues to launch terror. Civilians also long for a peaceful Earth of Cendrawasih without any terrorist groups.

When KST has been claimed as a terrorist organization, the handling is more optimal. There was assistance from 400 members of the TNI Battalion 315/Garuda, dubbed the devil’s army, who were deployed directly to Papua. After that, the Nemangkawi Task Force was created consisting of a combination of members of the TNI and Polri. They pounded KST until the person raised the white flag.

In addition, special Detachment 88 anti-terror troops will also be deployed, as well as assistance from the BNPT and PPATK, because KST’s status is a terrorist organization. Komjen Pol Paulus Waterpauw, Head of the Intelligence and Security Agency of the National Police, stated that KST was categorized as a terrorist because it attacked civilians, damaged public facilities, and attacked the police.

Komjen Pol Paulus added that the acts of violence committed by KST were categorized as extraordinary crimes. Therefore, extraordinary efforts are needed to eradicate them. Starting from the anti-terror Detachment 88, BNPT, to PPATK working together to destroy KST.

According to Komjen Pol Paulus, KST has modern weapons. Therefore, it is necessary to investigate, where did they have the firearms from? In a sense, even if you buy from the black market the price is very expensive. So it is suspected that someone backed up them and provided funds to buy the weapons and carry out KST operational activities.

Therefore, PPATK assistance is needed as an official institution that investigates finance in Indonesia. If we examine the money transfers that go into and out of the accounts of KST and OPM officials, we can find out who the real mastermind is. He is the one who has the heart to destroy the country from within and has a crazy ambition to liberate Papua.

In addition, the existence of Densus 88 anti-terror is very necessary because they have advantages in the form of war strategies and more complete weapons. So it is hoped that in every attack on the KST headquarters, Densus 88 will arrest each of their members. They are also allowed to take decisive and measured measures, as a precaution, because they do not hesitate to kill the officers with snipers or other shooters.

Meanwhile, BNPT as the official state institution to eradicate terrorists is needed to order the deployment of more TNI and Polri troops. Because it could be formed another task force to assist the performance of the Nemangkawi Task Force. If it is true that there are more than 2 KST headquarters, then each task force is deployed there to carry out attacks.

The KST eradication intensified because they had crossed the line, by killing officers and civilians, and burning school buildings. The behavior of those who thoughtlessly create chaos will make the atmosphere in Papua not conducive. Therefore, all residents of Bumi Cendrawasih agree that KST is labeled as a terrorist organization and eagerly awaits the arrival of Densus 88.




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