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PON XX 2021 Momentum to Accelerate Equitable Development in Papua, by Amelia Paramita


Amelia Paramita | Papuan Observer

The implementation of the XX National Sports Week (PON) in 202 1 in Papua is the right momentum for the Indonesian people to accelerate the equitable development of Papua. Developing infrastructure and facilities for those sports will be followed by development support i nfrastructure other base that supports the development of Papua .

Presidential Chief of Staff Dr. Moeldoko conveyed President Jokowi’s attention to the XX Papua PON as an unprecedented thing, which had never happened before in the history of the PON. This is shown by the massive progress of sports infrastructure development in Papua. This is proof of the President’s commitment to Indonesia-centric development, in which the Land of Papua is the priority .

PON XX is certain to be held in Papua on October 2-15 2021 , with the tagline “Torang Bisa!” which is a form of encouragement typical of the Papuan people as reflected in the ability of the committee to carry out PON and being able to adapt to pandemic conditions . The location for organizing PON XX is divided into 4 clusters, namely Jaya Pura city, Jayan Pura district, Mimika district, and Merauke.

The socialization of the PON implementation continues to be intensified by cooperating with the national footballer, Boaz Salossa and public figures Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina. Boaz was appointed as an ambassador , because it is a representation of Papua as the host and as a regional son who has achievements and a good social life. Meanwhile, Raffi and Nagita were appointed as icons , because they have followers and capacity as influencers who can socialize PON XX in a short time.

The determination of Papua as the host is clear evidence of the Government’s concern for Papua . PON XX will be a momentum for economic turnover involving Papuan entrepreneurs in promoting their products to 34 provinces that will visit Papua . PON XX will also create a multiplier effect for the economy, because it leaves a legacy of development that will encourage accelerated development in Papua.

“PON event is proof that the government is serious about building Papua”

Papua tourism objects will show their charm in welcoming athletes and attracting newcomers to visit . Papuan culture will also participate in showing its uniqueness in attracting migrants. This will create opportunities that can increase income for the surrounding community.

A number of preparations continue to be made by the government in the success of the main national sporting event , such as venue construction internet network improvement, security strategies and health protocols. The construction of the venue is confirmed to be almost complete so that it can be used when PON XX begins. In addition, the government continues to improve the Marine Cable Communication System (SKKL), so that transmission support can take place properly.

In terms of security, the TNI and Polri are committed to always maintaining the security of PON XX and have prepared a security strategy by involving stakeholders, such as the provincial government, religious leaders, traditional leaders, and community leaders . In terms of health protocols, the government will provide vaccinations to committees, athletes, teams and the surrounding community in an effort to prevent the spread of Covid-19. In fact, athletes, teams and related parties will carry out Covid-19 tests every 4 days.

Papua proud to host Ruma h , it looks at the enthusiast community in welcoming the implementation of PON XX will display the excellence and uniqueness of the area. Papua also emphasized the readiness to organize PON XX, as evidenced by the construction of venues and supporting facilities which were confirmed to be ready for use when PON XX began.

PON XX in Papua is the strengthening of the identity of the Indonesian nation, which stretches from Sabang to Merauke, from Asia to the Pacific, from the Malay lands to the Melanesian islands. The implementation of PON XX is   also inseparable from efforts to accelerate the development of the welfare of the Land of Papua as well as the spirit and spirit of sports that are inherent and identical to the Land of Papua. Therefore, let all elements of the Indonesian nation participate in the success of the XX 2021 PON historical event in Papua. XX is not just Papua’s pride, but Indonesia’s pride.



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