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Netizen Supports The Implementation Of Papua Special Autonomy, by Ignatius Adrian


Ignatius Adrian  | Papuan Observer

Special autonomy or better known as Otsus Papua is a special authority recognized and given to the Papua Province to regulate and manage the interests of the local community. One of the reasons why the Papua Special Autonomy is held is because it is to improve services for accelerated development and empowerment of all people in Papua in accordance with the principles applicable to regional autonomy.

Lately, many provocateurs have built negative narratives on Papua’s Special Autonomy . It has been running for almost 20 years, Otsus Papua has experienced many pros and cons between fellow citizens. In fact, in February, dozens of Papuan students held a demonstration to call for rejection of the extension of Special Autonomy in front of the Ministry of Home Affairs building.

In addition, the pros and cons have triggered a lot of negative news in order to divide the Indonesian nation. The content of the maze whose source of accuracy is not yet known , is only to break the unity of Indonesia. Therefore, it is necessary to be wise in reading content, both news and narratives that involve the Papua Special Autonomy .

In order to improve justice and accelerate economic development, the Papua Special Autonomy award has experienced many ups and downs in it . So it is natural that the discussion about Otsus becomes a sensitive topic for debate.

Papua’s special autonomy is the right policy to improve infrastructure in Papua

As a society that upholds unity, the Indonesian nation must be able to become a figure in building a positive narrative around Otsus , both on social media and in the surrounding environment in order to support the better progress of the Papua Province.



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