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KST Papua Action Threatens Security Stability | by Rhavi Oktriyan


Rhavi Oktriyan | Papuan Observer

Separatist and Terrorist Groups (KST) threaten the stability and security of citizens. This time they terrorized the people in Maybrat District, after previously attacking the Posramil in the early morning.

One of the biggest threats in Papua is the existence of separatist and terrorist groups (KST) who always terrorize civilians, even dare to attack the apparatus first. In their minds, Indonesia is an occupier, so that the apparatus is also hostile to it. In fact, they are the ones who deserve to be eradicated for being traitors and wanting to establish the Federal Republic of West Papua.

KST usually operates in Puncak Regency because it is reportedly close to one of their headquarters. But this time they acted in Aifat District, Maybrat Regency, West Papua. A number of residents received terror of murder and were forced to flee to Ayamaru District, Aitinyo, and even to Sorong. Even though the distance is more than 173 KM.

Kapendam XVIII Kasuari Colonel Arm Hendra Pesiseron stated that residents who fled to the forest were actually getting serious threats from KST, so they chose to go to another district. There are also students who want to flee to Sorong but their safety is threatened. After receiving this report, a number of TNI soldiers were dispatched to make the atmosphere conducive.

Colonel Arm Hendra continued, the KST attack was carried out because they did not agree with the construction in Maybrat. However, residents are advised not to be afraid, because currently there are many TNI soldiers who guarantee their safety. So that they can return to their respective homes.

“KST often disturbs the stability of the security of Papuans, it is necessary to carry out tight coordination between all security forces in order to limit the space for KST to move”

Some time ago there was an attack at Posramil Maybrat and in this fateful incident, 4 TNI soldiers died in the line of duty. After that, KST secretly terrorized the residents, so that people became embarrassed and afraid that they would lose their lives too, as happened at Posramil. The security at Posramil and other areas around Maybrat has been tightened by the TNI.

Development in Maybrat Regency is being intensified in recent years. There are houses built and roads built. Infrastructure development is indeed encouraged in almost all areas of Papua, because it is one of the programs in special autonomy. The goal is to prosper the civilians.

Surprisingly, KST even disagreed with this progress and rejected it outright. Therefore, they often attack the project site with firearms, including the one on the Trans Papua road some time ago. Whereas the construction of roads and other infrastructure is for the convenience of the people of Bumi Cendrawasih, especially in Maybrat Regency.

So far, KST has always been allergic to all forms of progress in Papua. In addition to accusing the government of being an occupier, they are afraid that modernity will displace their existence. It could be that the roads that were made would expose their headquarters, because all this time it had been hidden. They are afraid of being caught by TNI members.

Since their inception, KST and OPM have rejected modernity and only wanted to be independent from Indonesia. This was obviously very strange because how could they resist progress? In fact, if there is no modernity and sufficient knowledge, then they will be easily fooled and only used by certain parties.

When KST threatened residents in Maybrat Regency, TNI soldiers were immediately deployed to deal with them. Don’t let another bloody incident terrorize civilians. Residents must be protected so that they can carry out their activities smoothly, without being overshadowed by threats from KST, OPM, or other rebel organizations.


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