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Centralized Airport for Easier Logistics in Timika, Papua


Transportation access is very important for mobility, to connect one area to other area and for an overall easy access. When one area is accessible by other areas, the accessibility will help the delivery of goods for that area. Easy logistics and shorter supply chain means better delivery of goods, and cheaper price. In the contrary, challenging transportation will make the price of goods sky rocketed. In the past, transportation and accessibility in Papua is bad and it makes gaps from one area to another. Dense forests, big rivers, mountainous terrains are some of the challenges of transportation in Papua.

Challenging transportation in Papua also makes development in Papua becomes halted and the prices of goods become high. Therefore, to increase the development in Papua, the government also tries to improve the transportation access in Papua. Currently, they are now building Trans Papua Roads, train rail, sea tolls, and so on, in the hope that, by building better transportation in Papua, the inter connectivity can be improved.

Mountainous Terrains and Thick Forests
Some of the problems for the challenging transportation access in Papua are mountainous terrains and dense forest areas. The topography makes the areas isolated and hard to access. The only solution to access that area is by using air transportation. Therefore, the government is now trying to improve the air transportation for better transportation in Papua.

To improve the air transportation in Papua, the government has been making several changes in airports in Papua, by making more flight routes, and buying more airplanes. Currently, the Ministry of Transportation has already allocated around 198 billion IDR for the building of a new terminal on the Mozes Kilangin Airport in Timika. The improvement of the Mozes Kilangin Airport is vital for the air transportation in remote places in Papua. Mozes Kilangin Airport improvement is going to be the center of cargo flights to deliver goods in Papua.

By centralizing it, the government want the access of the goods delivery into a remote places in Papua much easier. That is because, the flight routes into Wamena Ilaga, Sinak Wageta, Sugapa, and other areas are much closer to Timika. Than from Sentani Jayapura or from Nabire. Those solution will going to make the flight transportation cost of goods to those places more cheaper. That is mean that, it will going to reducing the goods price in those areas.

By that, it is hoped that the air transportation access in Papua to mountainous terrain and thick forest areas will going to be improve. It is also hope that by the improvement of transportation access in Papua, it will going to help solving the goods delivery problems in there.

source: Papuanews.org


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